Alkaline Water Jug “Pitcher of Life”

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An initial cheaper alternative to an installed Alkaline unit is to purchase an Alkaline Water Jug which is BPA free*. It is similar to the conventional filter jug to remove unwanted impurities from tap water but this jug adds Magnesium & Calcium and produces Alkaline water between 8.5 & 9.8 pH. Like the conventional jug you just fill it with tap water.

The filter life is 40 gallons / 180 litres or 2 months depending upon usage. We have found that it is sometimes too large to be placed in the door of a UK refrigerator so we decanter the alkaline water into BPA fee plastic bottles, the similar size of a wine bottle. Alkaline filtered water has a limited “pot” life and to maximize its effectiveness it should always be kept in a cool dark place



Why Alkaline Water?

The human body is made up of 75% water.

Acidity in your Body

The pH balance in the body is extremely important, in fact it is a matter of life or death if it is imbalanced.

Your body regulates the pH, which is the “power of Hydrogen” and this is a measure of hydrogen ion concentration in the body. The total pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 considered to be neutral. A pH less than 7 is said to be acidic and a pH greater than 7 are basic or alkaline. The human blood pH should be slightly alkaline ( 7.35 to 7.45 pH). The pH spectrum is shown below and if your  pH gets too low, it tends towards increasing the acid level, where as the body has three ways to rectify it and raise back to normal:-

  • Breath – through breathing, the deeper the better – exercise, where excess acidity can be exhausted in the form of Carbon Dioxide.
  • Urine – acidic waste is filtered by the kidneys.
  • Bone – your body STEALS Calcium from your bones to neutralise acidity.

Research(1) suggests that bone density may be ompromised by a ratio of high protein (acid forming) consumption to low vegetable (alkaline forming) consumption.

The human healthy body ideally should be 80% Alkaline and 20% Acid and have a 7.365 pH as shown below. The lower the pH value from this normal, the more acidic the body becomes. This is where it is more likely the body is to develop Chronic Diseases and Cancer. This overall pH value is effected by what you eat and drink and the higher you can maintain the pH the healthier  you will become and the more energy you will have.

2 reviews for Alkaline Water Jug “Pitcher of Life”

  1. Mrs Christine Chapman

    I bought this product about 3 months ago and straight away I could tell the difference with the taste of the water from both tap and bottled, even my two granddaughters ages 6 & 11 commented that it tasted much better and always ask for it when I look after them. I can tell that it is doing me good as I feel much better in myself and my tummy seems flatter since drinking this water. So far the water is still alkali so the filter will probably last me for another month or so. Rita is a beautiful soul and you can trust her implicitly with any advise she gives you.

  2. Mrs Christine Chapman

    I approve this review

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