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My coaching and spiritual healing provides opportunity for healing, happiness, peace and spiritual awakening. Clarity comes when you know what it is that you truly want. Your new found awareness will guide you in following your heart and inner wisdom, leading to the manifestation of your dreams. Spiritual Healing is Universal Life-Force energy, a profound system of natural healing for mind, body and spirit, allowing the fullness of life to be lived through you. Spiritual Healing treats the WHOLE person, having an effect on your health and wellbeing by cleansing, rebalancing and renewing your internal energy systems, also cleansing, repairing and rejuvenating the electro-magnetic field (aura) around you.

If you desire change in your life, I can help to guide and support you in following your heart’s desires. I will be your partner along your journey which is to be enjoyed, taking the necessary steps forward, and giving you tools to enhance your growth. As you learn to tap into your intuition, you will be able to shift the wisdom that already resides within you.

In every moment, your thoughts create your life, be it love or hate, despair or pleasure. What do you choose? Let me help you to create a life you LOVE.

I can work on a face to face basis, via Skype, on an individual or group basis. Usually coaching consists of ten sessions on a weekly basis or on-going, however a bespoke service can be offered.

Everything begins from within. Heart connection is the basis of all life. The outside is a reflection of the inside. Connect with me to begin your journey!