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Reflexology (or Zone Therapy in the past)

This is a modern term for the ancient method of foot massage which has gained increasing popularity in the West in recent years. The feet are a map of the whole body. Although my treatment is only applied to the feet, the whole body is treated; the overall effect being both relaxing and energizing.

Energy Reflexology

Benefits Include :-

  • Opens up Your Body’s own healing mechanism
  • Releases Your Pain and Discomfort
  • Releases Your Toxic Waste Energy
  • Brings Healing to every part of Your Body
  • Gives You Relaxation
  • Allows You to Sleep Better
  • Reduces Your Stress Levels


The Power of My Energy Reflexology Treatment

I work intuitively with my OWN UNIQUE gift in my treatments. As a result the Power of Healing is much Greater and Profound. This combined with my training as a Life Coach enables me to support your recovery and for You to obtain more enhanced benefits than the “run of the mill” treatments.

N.B. Life is meant to be Joy, Peace, Happiness and Abundance


Distant or Remote Healing

If one of the problems is traveling or remoteness of my services I have successfully treated clients by remote appointments. These contacts can either be by modern technology (Skype, zoom etc) or by a pre-arranged time where the client is in a suitable environment and expecting the remote connection.


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