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Aromatherapy is a body massage using essential oils, specifically blended to client’s needs. Through gentle manipulation of the muscles, tension and tightness are released from within the body, allowing a feeling of peace and well-being.

My Aromatherapy treatment



As with all my treatments, I incorporate Spiritual Healing prior to commencement of the treatment. I work intuitively with Angelic –Beings, they guide and help me throughout my treatments. They are so powerful, they know the needs of the client far better than me and makes sure the client receives that.

I offer a full body treatment including face and head massage, a duration of one and three quarter hour

Also a partial body treatment, working on the whole back, incorporating gluteals, and head massage, a duration of one hour.

I work with the body’s energy, releasing stuck energy held within the tissues and within the body, my gift from the Universe. The results are amazing.

In every moment, your thoughts create your life, be it of love or fear. You can live from the path of fear and struggle, OR you can live from the path life of joy, happiness and abundance. What are you choosing? Let me help you deliberately create a life you LOVE!!

Everything begins from within. Heart-connection is the basis of all of life. The outside is a reflection of the inside. Connect with me to begin your journey!!

For more info, please connect with me rita@naturalhealingclinic.co.uk