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My Own Personal Journey

This is Just a quick note to let you know my good news.

My partner, Eric, was diagnosed with Bladder cancer over three years ago which was very quickly removed by scrapping off the cancer nodes from the lining of his bladder. The urologist stated at that time that he should have his Bladder and Prostrate removed. This he said to him, at the time, seemed a little extreme. This initial cancer scrapping removal  was then followed by a BCG treatment, and then by a visual inspection with a camera every three months. The first inspections were clear but unfortunately some 18 months later he was passing blood again and the operation and treatment had to be repeated. The urologist repeated even more strongly regarding the surgery.

I have had experience with a Naturepath over thirty years ago and remembered that he had mentioned that cancer cells and many diseases cannot exist in a balanced alkaline body which should be 80% Alkaline and 20% Acid.


I immediately placed him on a strict Alkaline diet with Alkaline Water the main component. This is when we found the “Pitcher of LIFE” and as we have discovered later, it is not called that without good reason.

This is a filter jug that produces Alkaline water with pH values between 8.5 & 9.0 pH from tap water. It’s very similar to the conventional water filter jug but adds in solution Magnesium and Calcium which are the most important elements for life.

The next regular inspection came due, which was planned to be just the normal visual inspection by a camera. This was changed by the same urologist to a full blown surgical inspection, under general anaesthetic, and extensive deep biopsy taken. This surgical inspection was done under the guidance protocol from his “case review meeting” They were concerned that the cancer would be spreading and needed to show us the removal of the bladder and prostrate was most urgent.

NO CANCER was found despite the large amount of biopsy taken around the bladder.

We are now keeping to a strict Alkaline regime and being very particular, within reason, on what food I eat but the Alkaline Water is a must for all drinking, boiling and cooking. We have monitored the pH in my urine and it averages around the 7.25 pH and the jug’s water starts at about 9.0 pH and reduces with use to 7.7 PH where we change the filter. The manufactures state that the filters will last either 40 gallons, 150 litres or should be changed after 2 months, which is a fair statement.

For more information on this Wonderful Pitcher of Life just follow the link

Pitcher Of Life



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