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National Seminars

This is the first of a series of short one day seminars to be give around the country. These will be an “Introduction to How to Win the Game of Weight Loss Forever and Nutrition.”

Rita Mackenzie is in the process of writing a Book on these subjects but considers it very important to get the information out now in order to help people.

 Weight Loss

Rita will be presenting a “Cutting Edge” approach to Weight Loss which will consists of  a 12 week programme. Most people who have tried to loose weight have used in the passed what Rita calls the “Yo Yo” Diets. Where initially you will loose weight, possibly due to an uncomfortable starvation diet that is so unnatural that it will not last because we humans will only do what we like in the long term. So these diets will inevitably fail and not only do you regain the weight you have so painfully lost, but put even more weight on.

Rita will introduce the seminar to a radical approach to weight loss that does not include the word DIET. She has taken this word out of her dictionary and reluctantly allowed me to insert it in this background presentation. This approach is for the dedicated, disciplined and is not an instant short term cure. It will take time but she promises you that if you follow her guidelines you will get there and begin to love your body as Nature intended.


With the depletion of nutrients in our current Western diets caused by intensive farming. Even the organic commodities are not as good as they were some 50 years ago but do their best in such an aggressive market place. Our bodies need help in fighting chronic disease and maintain an healthy life style.

The often overused phrase ” You are What You Eat” springs to mind but it is so true. Additionally it is also “What You Eat or Not Together” which is normally overlooked and this is more important in balancing the body’s chemistry.

The seminar will explore the combination of foods and their effects together with suggesting the most Natural, Chemical Free products

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