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It’s as Simple as Taking the Right Breath or is it?


We can live for 3 minutes without breathing.


We need Oxygen which is absorbed into our bloodstream and transmitted around our body. If we do not have sufficient oxygen in any area of our body this causes Hypoxia in cell growth. The cells are in fact “suffocated” and abnormal cell growth occurs which is usually out of control and rapid. This can come in the form of tumor or cancer as well as harmful bacteria or viruses will seek out areas of your body that are not well oxygenated. (ref Reseach funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and published in the Open Biology).

A Nobel Prize Winner back in 1931 named Dr Otto Warburg for work proving cancer is caused by lack of oxygen in the cells. He states in his book

 “The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer”

“that the cause of cancer is no longer a mystery, we know it occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements.”

But this was back in 1931 as well documentation and proof of oxygen therapy curing virtually every disease we know, goes back to the late 1800’s.

Why Oxygen

Blood surrounds all your organs and your blood cells carry all the nutrients to each of your organs. One of the most important nutrients of course is OXYGEN. Without adequate levels of oxygen, your cells get shrivelled up, move through your body slowly, and bring your metabolism to a crawl. This starts to accelerate the aging process causing people to have an INTERNAL metabolic age 5 to 20 year HIGHER than their chronological age. This eventually will lead rapid ageing on the outside and ultimately to the premature death. In other words, a typical 30 year old is, 35 – 55 years old and very soon he will look and act much older than he should be. An interesting observation when comparing all living creatures on planet earth is that they all seem to have a natural life span relative to the age that they reach at maturity. A good relationship has been established with these criteria in other living animals. If we were to relate this to a human, our natural life span should be 168. The average life span until recently has been increasing but with the western diet and stressed lives we live, our children will probable die younger than we will. I am producing a book on the Ideal Living Criteria to at least try to reverse this trend.

All these facts about Oxygen have been well documented and proven for over a hundred years but they either seems to be the best kept secrets or just totally ignored by the medical profession.

Conversely, wherever you have high levels of oxygen in your body, harmful bacteria and viruses are held at bay. At the same time though, healthy cells survive and multiply more rapidly, resulting in a dramatic boost to your immune system. This is what reverses your true metabolic age giving you lean muscle cells, skin cells and cells of your organs. Therefore if you are breathing correctly you are growing younger every day.

Not only does Oxygen destroy many disease-causing bacteria and viruses, it also destroys anything that could be potentially harmful to your body. Think of oxygen like this :- it enters your body like a heat-seeking missile, travels through your body, finds disease or infection, kills and clears them out of your body. In fact, all oxygen therapies have been shown to :-

  • Stimulate white blood cell production which in turn turns your immune system into disease-killing fortress, ready and equipped to destroy any harmful germ, virus or bacteria once it enters your body.
  • Breakdown man-made chemicals, poisons and other toxins that have entered your body.
  • Increases the efficiency of antioxidants so you can slow down the ageing process and prevent the breakdown of collagen which melts wrinkles off your skin and keeps it as firm and youthful as a child.
  • Destroys ALL forms of cancer cells by increasing the production of something called interferon. That is the main chemical your body creates to fight cancer cells and stops them from multiplying.

It is a very good point at this stage to remember that long before antibiotics were ever used, many different forms of OXYGEN THERAPY were used successfully to treat disease.

YES, there are breathing exercise that increase blood oxygen levels. The website for National Heat, Lung and Blood Institute describes “oxygen therapy” as :-

 “a treatment that provides you with extra oxygen, a gas that your body needs to work well.”

This site goes on to say that…

“oxygen is considered a medicine, so your doctor must prescribe it.”

But (we ask ) is there MONEY in that for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

And that…

“Oxygen therapy helps many people function better and be more active.”

That it also may…

“help decrease shortness of breath and tiredness, improve sleep in some people who have sleep-related breathing disorders

Then it goes on to list the various conditions that oxygen therapy has been proven to treat such as:

Severe pneumonia…

Severe asthma…

Respiratory distress syndrome…

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease…

Late-stage heart failure…

Cystic fibrosis…

Sleep apnea…

What is Breathing?

This may seem a ridiculous statement after the foregoing chapter but it needs some clarification at this point. The air we breathe-in consists of universal energy which is unconditional love, peace joy and gratitude, this being a very powerful healing energy. This energy is taken through the nostrils to the brain on each inhalation.Then a slight pause to allow  blood to be re-oxgenated. Then breathe out releasing all toxins and negative energy through the mouth, pursing the lips together with a “woosh” and at the same time pulling your tummy muscles back towards your backbone to empty your lungs as much  as possible before the next cycle. Consider this like filling a bottle. If it’s still half full it can only be “topped-up” Therefore it is crucial that you release as much energy as possible from the lungs before the next inhalation, releasing tightness & tension, discomfort & heaviness, cares & worries.

Breathing Technique

The majority of people by the time they have reached the age of four have developed improper breathing habits. This is usually with irregular or not deep enough breathing patterns. These type of patterns are very stressful for the body and lead to a shortage of oxygen and energy. This then effects the nervous system which thinks that you are stressed and will possibly affect your emotional and mental well-being.


The SEVEN STEPS in Training for Proper Breathing

Step 1     The Breathing Cycle

There are many breathing techniques the following one, being one of the most popular taught in Yoga for centuries. This is the first and most important thing to learn and practice before doing anything else like Exercise, Meditation in Yoga.

a) Breathe in to a count of ONE

b) Hold to a count of FOUR

c) Breathe out to a count of TWO

 NB This can be doubled to enhanced the sequence thus:-



                 8x32x16 for the advanced

 Step 2 Check Your Breathing Technique Daily

You need to be aware of your breathing rhythm periodically during the day. In other words get into a habit that teaches your body to take in oxygen and the releasing of toxins in the most efficient and beneficial way. This has to be done consciously before it can be sub-consciously.  After a while it will become a natural habit. You will notice how much more relaxed you become also clarity of mind.

Step 3 Inhale Through Your Nose

Breathing through the nose ensures the oxygen is taken to the brain. The hairs in our nose are filters to block out dust and other impurities that are becoming more and more common in the air we breath.

Step 4 Deep In-Breaths

It cannot be too strongly emphasised that your breath allows the diaphragm to work correctly as it’s meant to do.

Step  5 Holding of Breath

Holding the breath allows blood to  be re-oxygenated.

Step 6 Breathe  – OUT

As mentioned in step 1 earlier, sorry to repeat this but it is very important, extending your exhalations tend to induce a more relaxed state. This also makes your breathing more regular.

Step 7 Proper Posture

The chest needs to be open, shoulders down and relaxed allowing the breathe  to flow easily and effortlessly.

Power of Oxygen   

It is easy to take the power of Oxygen for granted. Oxygen is essential for Life :-

  • Your Body needs it to Digest Food
  • Your Brain needs Oxygen for Memory and Nerve Cell activity.
  • Your Immune system needs Oxygen to fight off viruses and bacteria.
  • Your Cells need Oxygen to stay alive and reproduce.

If sufficient Oxygen is not received by the organs and cells they either become inefficient in their functions, die or even worse malformed and become diseased.

How to and Where to get Extra Oxygen

The most important method is to find one that makes it easy for you. It could be the gymnasium, yoga exercise just something as simple as becoming accustomed to as taking “deep long breaths” as mentioned above.

The main point is that you are aware of the need and do something about it because it’s about you not how it is achieved.






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