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Believe it or not a high percentage of the population is dehydrated. They very rarely drink water, preferring coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol to provide the liquid for their body. We are conditioned to believe that this is OK, and it’s really not OK. The type of water we drink is critically important to our health.

One of the simplest things you can do to improve your health is to drink plenty of good water. It helps to hydrate the cells, flush acidic toxins out of the body and generally improve our functioning and energy levels.


The good water should be Alkaline, have antioxidant properties, be free from pollutants, chemicals and have good energy. Unfortunately our tap and bottled waters don’t meet that criteria. The former being full of chemicals and pollution such as sand etc. The bottled water on the other hand will start well but after several weeks in the supply chain, shelve storage, exposure to sun-light and heat; it is food would you consume it with that kind of history. The plastic bottles also have an added problem of migration of chemicals from the plastic into the water. This is accelerated when the bottles are exposed to light and heat especially left in cars,

We have found that a very cost effective way to supply oneself with a constant supply of Alkaline Water with a pH of between 8.5 to 9.8 pH is with an Alkaline Jug. This is very similar to the conventional Filter Jug that has been available for years but this converts tap water into Alkaline water and also adds Magnesium and Calcium at the same time. These are designed to fit into most UK refrigerator doors where it is recommended to keep the water cool and shaded.

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What are Customers are saying

Adrienne Talbot Chorley UK

I’m enjoying the benefits of the alkaline water and have been using this Pitcher of life for about 3 months now. I can say with confidence that this simple change in my lifestyle has made a notable difference to my general feeling of wellbeing, namely, more mental clarity, more energy and vitality. I feel lighter and less bloated. The filtered water tastes much better than tap water or any bottled water I’ve tried. The filters last 6 weeks (2 people consuming) and although they are more expensive than other filters on the market I feel it is money well spent as the alkaline water really does make a BIG difference


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