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Bin Your Pills & Portions

The average person over 55 takes 4 pills per Day .

That cannot be right for the Long Term Health of Yourself and Our World.

Although it is BIG BUSINESS for Pharmaceutical Industry.

There is no PROFIT in people curing themselves the NATURAL way by Drinking Pure Water ( Adam’s Ale) and Eating Un-adulterate Food.

You should ask the following questions :-

Step 1  Drugs Review

You  need to make an appointment with your GP practice to REVIEW your medication.

This could be either with your Doctor, a Specialist Nurse within the practice or as a last resort your Local Pharmacist.

 Step 2 Questionnaire on Your Drugs

2.1. Write a List of Drugs & Medication

This you can easily get from your repeat prescription.

2.2. Ask what each medication is for?

  1. Treat Which Medical Problem
  2. Dosage – what is recommended range.
  3. Why is your dosage set at?
  4. Could it be reduced or eliminated?
  5. What “side effects” are there, and list them – you can usually get these from the enclosed leaflets of the medication?
  6. Is there any alternative medication without side effects?
  7. What other drugs MUST THIS NOT be used with?

I know you will be surprised by the outcome of such a review.

All my best wishes

Rita Mackenzie





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