About Rita Mackenzie

I am a QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and Teacher of Louise Hay – Heal Your Life, as well as a Spiritual/Energy Healer, Therapist and past Yoga teacher of almost 30 years.

I have learned many things in life through my own experiences; loss of my 6 year old nephew, my parents, brother, divorce, health issues, financial loss.

I have inspired others, taught by example, healed Cancer and other health issues by working with the Angelic realm. I have helped to turn people’s lives around and assisted them in manifesting their desires.

My mission and greatest joy in life is to help you to connect to your heart, to remember who you truly are, to reconnect with your true self, and make deliberate, conscious choices from that space within yourself. It is my purpose, honour and passion to bring Light, Hope, Peace, Joy, Happiness and Abundance to those searching for a better life.


What People Say

"I connected with Rita the very first time I spoke to her, immediately feeling on the same page."
- Susannah, UK

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